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Annual "Nuts & Bolts Art Show"

     P&T Surplus has had many successful "Nuts & Bolts" art shows in the past.   It's always a huge hit when area artists have the opportunity to show off their creations.  While any kind of art can be shown, we encourage artists to show artwork that was made using P&T Surplus materials.


Date:  To be announced 

Flying Saucer

by Tim Smythe Jr.

Entire saucer was made using P&T Surplus parts


Computer boards

Picture frame made from computer cards


Flying Tug Boat

Our entry for the Port Ewen Tug Boat Auction 2014



by Tim Smythe Jr.

Every part comes from computer hard drives & computer parts


Industrial Clock

by Tim Smythe Jr.

Clock is made from semiconductor manufacturing parts

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