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Business - Organization - Institutional Surplus

As much as 70% of materials trucked to municipal landfills come from business and industry. By diverting this waste to people who can use it in education, art, and recreation, local businesses can reduce the waste stream and also help enrich education and the arts.  Several local high school and college classes visit P&T regularly.   We try to offer discounts for students and faculty when possible.


We collect clean, safe, reusable industrial discards as well as new, finished products from a variety of businesses.

If you would like to donate non-toxic industrial products and/or business surplus, please contact us.

Things we accept

  •     Architectural surplus

  •     Aircraft cable

  •    Art Supplies

  •     Bicycles, bike parts, and accessories

  •     Casters

  •     Chain

  •     Crafting Supplies

  •     Computers and computer parts

  •    Containers (Crates and tubs, totes with lids, stackable drawers, clementine crates, milk    crates, etc.)

  •    Cordage (spools of rope, twine)

  •     Fabric and Yarn

  •     Firehose

  •     Fasteners and fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, screws, nails, wire, rope, keys, locks)

  •     Gears and wheels (no car tires)

  •     Going out of business inventory

  •    Ham Radios, parts & components

  •     Hardware (fasteners, nuts & bolts, door and window hardware

  •     Jewelry (costume, broken, and fancy)

  •     Laboratory equipment and supplies

  •    Lab glass

  •    Mannequins

  •    Manufacturing overruns, drops, seconds

  •    Metal (usable metal, flats, sheet, angle iron, channel, rod, pipe, plate)

  •    Motors (115v, gears, pullies)

  •    Musical Instruments (we cannot accommodate large instruments such as pianos)

  •    Office furniture (rolling chairs, hardwood desks)

  •     Photography equipment

  •     Plastic sheet, high density poly

  •     Pumps

  •     Retail store displays

  •     Business

  •     Science and lab glass

  •     Semiconductor manufacturing surplus

  •     Sewing machines

  •     Shelving

  •     Signs (old signs, street signs)

  •     Small electronics (telephones, remote controls, speakers, radios, etc.)

  •     Sporting goods (Not Large Exercise equipment)

  •     Tools, power tools, hand tools, yard and garden equipment

  •     Tool boxes

  •     Vacuum pumps   

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