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History of our store

   P&T Surplus, formally P&D Surplus has been a downtown Kingston fixture for more than 60 years!  The original owners were Donald Heins and Phil Reilly.  Originally, P&D was created to process the surplus and scrap computers from companies like IBM and Remington Rand.  In the early days one computer mainframe such as the Univac I and the IBM 700 series consisted of three or four tractor trailer loads of electronics and parts.  The trailers would back into the building and unload and the workers would dismantle the mainframes completely, categorize all the parts and sell them by both mail order and to other surplus stores like the ones on Canal Street in New York City. 


   Today, P&T still buys and sells surplus and recycled merchandise from industry, small businesses and home owners. You can still find some of the old mainframe parts at our store today!

Univac circa 1950's


IBM vaccum tubes 1950's


Our Store Today

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