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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 

VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure has multiple benefits over purely physical installations including security, functionality, management, and maintenance.

Virtual desktops generally sit behind a locked door, whether in a hosted cloud solution, a data center or in your server closet, but for any of these solutions it will be secure from someone walking away with a computer containing personal information or company secrets, but also makes the end point irrelevant in that if the endpoint fails, or if you’re on a different continent, that person can login somewhere else and receive the desktop as it was left. Speak to one of our IT specialists today with no obligation - (845) 481-4329

  • VMware's Horizon View is a best of breed platform for a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). We can install a fully fault tolerant solution to maintain your company's desktop productivity even in the case of physical failure of any underlying components. These solutions can auto balance server resources for optimal performance and host hundreds of desktops on as little as two physical servers

  • A virtual desktop Infrastructure would include physical servers, network and storage components with the installation and configuration of the virtual platform on top of these components. We can also work with existing equipment or maintain, fix, upgrade and support current VDI environments. In addition, there are cloud hosted VDI solutions

Let one of our team members work with you to realize the best virtual desktop solution for needs and budget

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