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Virtual Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the foundation of your IT environment and if not implemented correctly can cause you constant headaches and or the need for a complete re-installation. Ideally company's will build a foundation that is scalable for business growth, secure and provides ease of management to reduce cost. Virtual Infrastructures provide the best solution for most businesses whether you are looking for a hosted cloud solution or creating your own on premises or data center solution. Speak to one of our IT specialists today with no obligation - (845) 481-4329

  • VMware is a best of breed platform for virtual infrastructure and can provide the base for all your server needs on the smallest physical footprint. We can install a fully fault tolerant solution to maintain your company's productivity even in the case of physical failure of any underlying components. These solutions can auto balance server resources for optimal performance where it's needed and host dozens of servers on as little as two physical servers

  • An on-premises or data center virtual Infrastructure would include physical servers, network and storage components with the installation and configuration of the virtual platform on top of these components. We can also work with existing equipment, transforming current hardware to support a virtual environment

  • Our experts can be available to support your current virtual infrastructure environment

Let our experts work with you to develop a solution that's fits your technology needs through any one of or all stages of the process - Design, Architecture, Procurement, Installation and Management. We can work with hardware & software vendors acting as a liaison or as a team member of your company - a person on the call

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